Super Typhoon Odette Damages in San Carlos City

Recently, our city was hit by typhoon Odette. It was supposed to landfall at 2 am but 4 hours before its supposed landfall, it landed around 10pm. I have here the videos and pictures taken after the typhoon. Here are the video and photos in one viewing.

After almost 5 days, NONECO was able to fix the line in our area. We were able to celebrate Christmas with lights.

Big Bad Wolf Philippine’s First Online Sale!

Last July 2021, was the first Big Bad Wolf’s online sale. And, as a bookworm myself I of course made an order. I still has a lots of book waiting to be read so I decided instead of buying everything for myself, I checked 95% for my kids. Here are the sneak peak of what I ordered. They stated in their sale that the orders will arrived after 28 days , but then it was almost 2 months since I ordered it . Nevertheless, Big Bad Wolf keeps on updating us on the whereabouts of our orders. And finally, I received mine.

Here’s what I got!